How Email to Ticket works

Email to Ticket is a powerful feature within the HelpZenith app that revolutionizes your customer support process. It enables you to effortlessly transform customer emails into support tickets right from your HelpZenith dashboard. This seamless conversion ensures that no customer inquiry goes unanswered, leading to enhanced customer satisfaction.

Email to Ticket Configuration #

To utilize Email to Ticket effectively, you’ll need to take the following steps:

  1. Connect Your Email: Begin by adding your connected email address to your HelpZenith mailbox. This step establishes a direct link between your email and the HelpZenith app.
  2. Configure Forwarding: Next, configure your email forwarding settings. This action ensures that emails sent to your connected email address are automatically forwarded to the provided mailbox address.

Explore detailed instructions on how to add your connected email address to your mailbox.

Automatic Ticket Creation #

Once you’ve completed the setup and email forwarding is in place, Email to Ticket operates seamlessly:

  • New Email Creation: Any new email received at your connected email address will trigger the creation of a new support ticket in your HelpZenith dashboard.
  • Effortless Ticket Replies: When a customer responds to an existing ticket via your connected email address, the HelpZenith app will generate a corresponding reply within the ticket thread.
Always Active #

It’s important to note that Email to Ticket is always active, even without a connected email address. In such cases, emails sent directly to the provided mailbox address will generate tickets and replies automatically. However, we recommend adding your business email as a connected email address to enhance your brand’s identity and provide a more personalized support experience.

Explore detailed instructions on how to add your connected email address to your mailbox.

Streamline your customer support process with Email to Ticket and ensure that every customer query is addressed promptly and efficiently.